Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I admit that I am a little bit, a tad, a trifle... lazy.

I say this because of a spelling error. A spelling error that zings around my obsessive compulsive mind like a shithouse fly. I wanted a clever name for this blog. I wanted "Schlab" (Schlem Lab - get it?) No dice. In a sleep-deprived state, I typed in the text box, and mispelled, my second choice: lab-O-ratory. As in every creepy Mad Doktor movie ever made: "I vill be in mein lab-OR-a-tory!"

Ah so. On one hand, Schlaboratory is an entirely madeup word. So is Schlabratory. They are equally improbable. The former is a clever riff on the word for "technical learning environment, full of much discovery and adventure". The latter is bone-headed oafishness.

Back to lazy... I could copy the few posts in this new blog to newer blog with the right name.

Never mind. I did just that. Schlabratory is dead, long live Schlaboratory!

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