Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hello World

Hi geeks. You know who you are; you probably get the little joke in the title of this posting. This blog is about the geeking, hacking, thinking, and creating in which I engage. I'm a project guy; I'm always working on some kind of project. This is a forum where I can share intricate details that don't scale to Facebook. It's also a vehicle to share my enthusiasms and perspective on the things that excite me, through a medium of self-publication.

This is now my "other blog". You can read Schlem's Short Report here. I started THAT blog to share some of the crazy experiences I have as a firefighter, but it has evolved into a biographical project. It was always about writing stories - something I enjoy - but haven't had much inspiration of late. I'm kinda sick of my internal voice, and the way it starts to grate when I am trying to craft a narrative. Hopefully, THIS blog will give me something to write about that isn't quite so navel-gazingly introspective. ...And maybe the muse will patch in the wiring in my brain to loose the torrent of things I'd like to write about. Stay tuned.

Please feel free to leave your comments!

Thanks for reading - the Schlem

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