Tuesday, December 28, 2010

417duino Blinky Test

True, it's not very dynamic; it just blinks.  But it is a glorious proof of concept.  Green LED is power indicator (nominal 6V from 4 x 1.5 AA's), yellow attached to Arduino Pin13.

Using the USB BUB Board from Modern Device to reprogram the ATmega328 chip I bought from Sparkfun, I replaced an LED fader program with one that simply blinks at a constant rate.  Additionally, the 5V supply from the USB connection will power the board - must be careful not to have more than one power supply.  A SPDT switch on the power into the circuit solves this problem nicely.

This is a 417duino mashup - no on-board regulated power supply, but has the FTDI pin header, and Pin13 LED.  Initially, I assembled it with the wrong size capacitors on the crystal (22uF instead of 22pF - DOH! That's an order of magnitude error)  Didn't work -  big surprise.  Didn't brick it either, as evidenced by that beautiful blinking yellow LED.

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